New Geography Optional (Integrated) Batch begins on 19th June 2023, & Geography GS on 23rd June 2023.


About Us

Sharad Mani Thakur's Geography classes, aims at effective mentoring for UPSC CSE(Civil Service Exam)

Thousands of aspirants in India aim to be IAS, IPS, IFS officers, etc. But, due to lack of proper guidance and right approach, even their hardwork won't yield any result. We bridge that gap of your dream and your career, by showing proper direction and mentorship.

  • Main focus is given on conceptual clarity, and we discourage only rote learning.
  • Concepts are clarified and taught in lucid way.
  • Question papers are solved before jumping into next topic.

Getting mentored by Sharad Mani Thakur, who has guided thousands of students is a step towards your success.

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Why Choose Us?

As competition becoming tough day-by-day in UPSC Civil Service Exam, every subject need to be studied with proper clarity in concepts. We don't compromise in quality of teaching, and guiding students in right direction has been our real motive than any other.

You would be fully satisfied and confident enough in geography, by the end of the course.

Focus on conceptual clarity

We focus on conceptual clarity. Everything is taught with enough explaination from basics.

Inter-linking of topics

Every topic is inter-connected to related topics to give a comprehensive coverage.

Holistic coverage

We cover every concept, topic in classroom. As well as give proper guidance for interpreting important national & international Reports.

Our Courses

Offline Classroom Courses

Geography Optional (Integrated)

Course Begins : 19th June 2023 New Batch

Course Fees

₹ 36,000

Course coverage
  • Optional Paper 1
  • Optional Paper 2
  • Geography GS Module
  • Mapping (World and India)

Answer Writing and discussion on 700 + PYQ

35 Years UPSC Previous Year Questions (Discussed & Solved).

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Geography GS Module

Course Begins : 23rd June 2023 New Batch

Course Fees

₹ 15,000

Course coverage
  • Geography
  • Environment & Ecology
  • Disaster Management
  • Science & Technology
  • Agriculture
  • Mapping (World and India)

Previous Year UPSC Questions (Discussed & Solved).

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Sharad Mani Thakur's
Geography Classes