Course description

The syllabus will be covered according to recent syllabus in UPSC. Every topic will be covered comprehensively. Topics covered will immensely help in Essay writing, Science & Technology, even in Ethics GS paper IV.

GS Syllabus & Lecture plan
Course Fee

₹ 11,000

Course Duration

3 Months

11:30AM to 01:30PM[1st class]
[15 minutes break]
01:45PM to 02:30PM[2nd class]
New Batch :

2nd Dec 2022

New Batch

Holistically topics covered

Pre Cum Mains Syllabus is covered

Course Coverage

  • Geography
  • Environment & Ecology
  • Disaster Management
  • Science & Tech
  • Agriculture

PYQs solved

Previous year Questions helps by keeping us stick to the needs of Civil Service Exam.

All the questions are discussed in the class itself.

Standard answers are dictated in the class.

Maps, Charts, Graphs & Flowcharts

Creativity adds beauty to the answers

With limited time & space in UPSC Mains Exam paper, it is very difficult to express everything relevant to answer verbally.
Wherever possible, topic are expressed with relevant maps, charts, graphs & flowcharts.

20 Hours Maps class

Maps are essential to geography.

With UPSC focusing on maps in CSE prelims, 20 hours exclusive map classes are conducted.
Which includes both World and Indian Mapping.

Additional topics covered

Inter-connectivity of topics enrich the answer.

Additional topics relevelant for UPSC CSE, like topics of ethics & Integrity, Economic survey, International Relation are also covered

Sharad Mani Thakur's
Geography Classes